Free IT taster sessions

We are running 2 x 1 hour IT sessions every
Thursday  from 30th March 2017,  between 10am and 1pm
at our C Gate premises.

The first session at 10am will be working age benefit claimants who have low IT skills to help prepare them for the new benefit Universal Credit – which will take over from their current benefits later this year. Universal Credit MUST be made online.

The second session at 11.30am will be for Carers.

The learning programme will cover things like:

Basic computer skills
Use of internet including online shopping, finding information and online security
Creating email accounts and using email
Filling in online forms
Creating and adapting Word documents such as CVs and

The programme will be adapted to meet the needs of
the individual.

For more information and to sign up please contact reception on 01382 200422