Personal Carer Assistant Card

Personal Carer Assistant Card

Following the huge success of the Young & Adult Carers Shopping E-card launched in April, Dundee Carers Centre are now rolling out their shopping e-card to Personal Care Assistants.

The government have confirmed that Personal Care Assistants are key workers in the Health & Social Care Sector.  As part of their role, there is a necessary requirement for a Personal Care Assistants to access local shops and pharmacies on behalf of the individual they are supporting.  They are also required to travel to be able to carry out their role.

The e-card will provide proof to supermarkets that are implementing protected shopping times for the vulnerable and elderly and local authorities, that the person carrying a card is carrying out duties on behalf of someone they care for.

PA Employers must apply on behalf of the Personal Care Assistant. 

To apply please email SDS team on [email protected]