Social Work / other social care services, Day centres/services, PAs

Social work / other social care services (adults and children’s social work), day centres/services and PAs will be provided with LFD kits to support implementation of the testing guidance via the Dundee PPE Hub. This includes commissioned independent and third sector services. The enhanced supply of LFD kits to the PPE Hub is currently being established and as soon as kits are provided through national supply chains they will be made available to providers. We cannot provide LFD kits to any other groups from the PPE Hub.

Please use the usual ordering process by emailing you order to: [email protected] Once your order has been processed the PPE Hub will contact you to arrange collection. This is to prevent an overcrowding situation and to keep both you and the Hub staff safe. The opening hours of the PPE Hub over the Christmas and new year period have previously been circulated via this e-mail address. In the short-term the PPE Hub will only be distributing LFD kits on a weekly supply basis to help to manage the short-term pressures on supply, please do not request kits for longer periods than this/stockpile kits.

We have received a number of queries from individual providers regarding supply of LFD kits via the PPE Hub over the last few days – this email clarifies arrangements and covers all of the queries raised.  Please send any further queries direct to the PPE Hub and not to this e-mail address.