How We Can Support You

The SDS Team work across Dundee & Angus providing advice and guidance to disabled people and carers who are going through the SDS process

Our Support Service

We can help you to understand your options and identify the right support to suit your needs

We can support you with:

  • Advice and information regarding Self-Directed Support
  • Signposting to payroll services
  • Assistance to identify appropriate supports
  • Information on using an agency for support
  • Setting up and managing your budget
  • Assistance with recruitment and selection
  • Employment advice and guidance
  • Guidance on financial monitoring
  • Assistance completing financial monitoring forms

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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the questions we are most frequently asked about our services and how we can support you. If you have any other questions, please phone 01382 200422 or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

How can Self-Directed Support be used?

Self-Directed Support can only be used in ways that meet your needs, if it has been agreed with your social worker

If I’m not happy with my support, can I choose a different option?

Yes, contact your social worker and ask for a review

How is Self-Directed Support Different from a Direct Payment?

A Direct Payment in Option 1 of the 4 options of Self Directed Support.  A Direct Payment is when you receive the funds to buy support yourself

How will I be assessed?

It is a conversation between you and your social worker about the support you need in your life and what is important to you

How can I prepare for the assessment?

It is a good idea to think about the support you feel you need.  You could keep a diary for  a week or two and to record what help and support you need each day

What things do I need to think about as an employer?

The PA Employer Handbook details all the expectations on you as an employer of Personal Assistants.  You can find a copy here:  The PA Employer Handbook

Do I need to open a separate bank account if I choose a Direct Payment (Option 1)?

Yes, you will need to open a separate bank account where you will keep the money for your direct payment separate from your personal money

If I take a Direct Payment (Option 1) how do the Council know I’m spending the money appropriately?

You need to show records of the transactions coming in and out of your Direct Payment Bank Account and submit statements to the Council

How much funding can I get if I choose a Direct Payment (Option 1)?

The amount you are offered is dependent on your individual circumstances and the conversation you have had with your social worker.  If you think you have not been offered enough money to meet your needs, you can discuss this with your social worker

If I choose a Direct Payment (Option 1), where does the money come from?

This is public money taken from the same funds that provide traditional social work services

Will I have to pay a contribution towards the cost of my support?

There is a financial assessment carried out for non-personal care support, which may result in you being asked to pay a contribution.

However, you will not be asked to contribute towards Personal Care support or a Carers Budget

What is Personal Care?

The Scottish Government define Personal Care as:

…care which relates to someone’s day to day physical tasks and needs (for example, eating and washing) and to the mental processes related to those tasks and needs (for example, remembering to eat and wash)

You can discuss this in more detail with your social worker.

You can find full guidance from the Scottish Government by clicking here.

I want to direct my own support, doesn’t that mean I’m on my own?  What if something goes wrong?

Try your best to plan for every situation that might arise, but sometimes things don’t go to plan.  In these situations, call your local authority out of hours social work service for support.

What should I think about when choosing an agency?

This means you are using services and you do not have a responsibility as an employer.  you will have a contract with the agency to provide the care workers you need.  It would be a good idea to think about the tasks you would expect the staff to do and about the way the tasks are carried out, so you can decide if the agency is able to meet your needs. Try and contact more than one agency before deciding.

Can I contract someone who is Self employed?

A personal assistant is almost always an employee not a self employed person.  It is your responsibility to ensure the personal assistant has the correct employment status and advice can be found on the HRMC website.

See Guidance on HMRC website

Can I employ a family member?

Under the Direct Payment 2014 Regulations the authority can agree to a supported person employing a close relative or family member where appropriate. Please see link for details here.