News 03 Nov 2021

Join the PA Network Panel

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Personal Assistants will now get the recognition that the fantastic work that you do deserves. The Covid pandemic highlighted just how important PAs are to social care in Scotland but also highlighted problems faced by many PAs during it. The Scottish Government recognise this and they want to show that PAs are a vital part of the social care workforce and should, at the very least, have the same standing as all social care workers in Scotland.

To help this along a PA Programme Board has been created to look at all aspects of PA work including terms and conditions, ID Badges, training, personal development opportunities and many others, Personal Assistants Network Scotland are delighted to have a seat on this new Board.

Although the PA Programme Board is made up of people with a wide ranging knowledge of Self-Directed Support and social care in general, there is nothing that beats getting the views and opinions of those who actually do the job every day.

Personal Assistants Network Scotland are looking to create a panel of Personal Assistants that the Board can consult with from time to time to ensure that all recommendations from the Board include your views and opinions before they are put forward to the Scottish Government and Local Authorities. The PA Programme Board would like to consult with the panel, run ideas past you, get feedback from you and meet with you from time to time to take things forward.

If you are interested in being part of a PA Panel please email your name and contact details to [email protected]

Please don’t worry as we are aware that you are busy people and you might not be available on every occasion.

Your views and feedback will play a vital role in PA Programme Board recommendations.