News 02 Dec 2022

“Stories Make a Difference” – Julie’s Story

Julie lives with her partner and was very active before becoming unwell. Life completely changed when she became unwell and now has restricted mobility and is a regular wheelchair user.

Julie is in receipt of Self-directed Support (Option 1) and shared her experience of how it works for her and her family:

“I had no clue at the beginning, my partner works, and we decided we needed extra help. I had been given advice from someone who had previous experience of SDS and explained to me how it worked.”

Initially, Julie met with an SDS advisor and her Case Manager:

“I found the paperwork a bit daunting at the beginning but with the advisor’s support and ongoing help from the case manager, I am getting on fine with it”

Julie chose to access Dundee Carer Centre’s Payroll Service and found that regular contact with them, particularly at the point of set up and getting into the routine of sending in the paperwork, another valuable support. Julie also feels she has effective two-way communication with her case manager.

Julie employs several Personal Assistant’s (PAs) and has found finding the right people and having a PA who can cover holidays and sickness, makes all the difference.

Julie has her own ideas of what she wants to do and how the PA’S can support her; from baking at home to being supported to attend a local class, which Julie has found really enjoyable and commented that she has” met people from all walks of life there.” Julie has also recently joined a club specifically for active wheelchair users.

Julie feels able to contact her case manager, SDS advisor, and payroll team at Dundee Carers Centre if she needs further advice or support.

Julie offered advice for anyone thinking of choosing Option 1 for their Self-directed Support. “It’s not as scary as you think, I have a good routine and find being organised especially with paperwork, and filling in the time sheets regularly has helped.”

Names have been changed and anonymised for confidentiality purposes