Welcome to our Self-directed Support Service Website, for Dundee and Angus.


What is Self-directed Support

Self-directed Support (SDS) is the way in which support services are now provided by the Health and Social Care Partnership.  There are 4 options, these are:

Option 1 – Direct Payment
You receive the funds to buy support yourself

Option 2 – Individual Service Funds
You choose the support you would like and it is arranged for you

Option 3 – Traditional Services
The Health and Social Care Partnership arrange support on your behalf

Option 4 – Combination of Option 1, 2 or 3


Latest News

  • Social Carer Services Covid-19 Survey2020/08/17

    Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee launched a call for views on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on social care services at home. MSPs on the Committee want to hear about people’s experiences of social care at home during the pandemic, whether people felt safe and supported and what lessons should be learned should there be a […]

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  • SiRD projects secure £2.9m in extended funding for social care2020/08/10

    31 projects secure an additional year’s funding. Funding for 31 third sector projects in social care has been extended to March 2022 with the announcement of an additional £2.9 million of Scottish Government backing. Scottish Government’s ‘Support in the Right Direction’ programme was initially funded until March 2021, with funding partner Inspiring Scotland. The programme […]

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