Welcome to our Self-directed Support Service Website, for Dundee and Angus.



What is Self-directed Support

Self-directed Support (SDS) is the way in which support services are now provided by the Health and Social Care Partnership.  There are 4 options, these are:

Option 1 – Direct Payment
You receive the funds to buy support yourself

Option 2 – Individual Service Funds
You choose the support you would like and it is arranged for you

Option 3 – Traditional Services
The Health and Social Care Partnership arrange support on your behalf

Option 4 – Combination of Option 1, 2 or 3


Latest News

  • Social Work / other social care services, Day centres/services, PAs2021/12/22

    Social work / other social care services (adults and children’s social work), day centres/services and PAs will be provided with LFD kits to support implementation of the testing guidance via the Dundee PPE Hub. This includes commissioned independent and third sector services. The enhanced supply of LFD kits to the PPE Hub is currently being […]

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  • Self-isolation for Social Care Staff2021/12/21

    Donna Bell, Director, Mental Wellbeing and Social Care, Scottish Government, has issued a letter outlining the current self-isolation policy for social care staff. With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases here in Scotland, and with the appearance of the Omicron variant, the First Minister has outlined enhanced measures with regard to self-isolation for the general […]

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  • Join the PA Network Panel2021/11/03

    Personal Assistants will now get the recognition that the fantastic work that you do deserves. The Covid pandemic highlighted just how important PAs are to social care in Scotland but also highlighted problems faced by many PAs during it. The Scottish Government recognise this and they want to show that PAs are a vital part […]

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