Self-directed Support Service for Dundee and Angus

Self-directed Support (SDS) enables people, carers and families across Dundee and Angus to make informed choices about what their social care support is and how it is delivered

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What is self-directed support?

Self-directed Support (SDS) is the way in which support services are now provided by your Health and Social Care Partnership.  There are 4 options

Option 1:  Direct Payment You receive the funds to buy support yourself

Option 2:  Individual Service Funds You choose the support you would like and it is arranged for you

Option 3:  Traditional Services The Health and Social Care Partnership arrange support on your behalf

Option 4:  Combination of Option 1, 2 or 3

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Dundee Carers Centre

The self-directed support team is managed by Dundee Carers Centre.

To find out more about the centre and other services that they provide go to their website

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